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We’re Dedicated To You!

Ardent Lighting Group L.L.C. has been focused on sports lighting and outdoor lighting for the last 40 years.  From concept to completion we’re here for you.  Ardent Lighting Group L.L.C. will give you a complete turnkey project, or would be happy to work with your local group or electrician to ensure proper installation of your system.  We are dedicated to using the best quality lighting products, while treating the environment with respect.

Budget estimates, designs and layouts, specifications, installation, electrical, repairs, re-lamping, financing and everything in between.  Have storm damage and need someone to work with your insurance company?  No problem, we have professional associates that can handle the job!  Is energy consumption eating into your budget?  Why not do an energy audit to find out how fast your new LED lighting system can pay for itself!

We are dedicated to make every customer happy!